Are you setting yourself up for detours?

I grew up learning that if you want something, you have to earn it or fight for it somehow. While this is a very useful approach, it has often lead me on detours – or even lost opportunities.

I never really thought of it this way until the first time my partner said to me to pray for what I wanted. Pray ? I wasn’t brought up with any sort of religion and the thought of praying never occurred to me. Having no idea how to even formulate a prayer got me intrigued though.

I realized that this had nothing to do with being religious or not. If I didn’t even know how to express what I wanted and ask for it, I figured it I couldn’t really expect others or even the universe to work with me on this.

I also realized that I had this subconscious feeling that asking would be almost like cheating. So of course I set myself up for some detours…

I bring this up because of something filmmaker April Abeyta said in the latest episode of Athlete Story when we were talking about here upcoming movie, AFTER THE GAME. Watch the soundbite here.