Some people have an MBA. You have your Athlete Story.

If you are not clear on your defining stories, you are missing some serious ‘savings’ that you can cash in on in different ways – during and long after your sports career.

Knowing your athlete story and its lessons and takeaways is your main education as a former athlete. It is the true value of your sports career – regardless of whether you got that title or medal.

Your stories have real value to others

Just like your stories play an important role in defining who you are, your stories are also an important part of your assets. They give you your unique value in the form of experience, “street” education and tests in life. It doesn’t matter whether a certain experience was a success or failure in your eyes – or to someone else. Within each experience are hidden lessons that can be valuable to you or someone else.
If you know how to bring them forward.

Your stories are gold – when told

Is something holding you back from sharing your story? Are you concerned that it might not be interesting?

Or that you didn’t get that particular gold medal or that title – or that other athletes’ stories are better than yours. Since you are reading this, I bet something inside you knows that you have something you ought to share.

The truth is that spending so much time and energy in your sport and putting yourself out on the line so many times has made you grow certain skills and parts of your personality. It has made you push yourself farther than most people can even dream of. That commitment doesn’t come without quite a bit of insight and lessons of life.

That’s how I know that you have something that a lot of other people want to tap into. Through your life as an athlete, you have stories and messages that can be extremely helpful or inspiring to other people – sometimes even life changing. Really!

Your story can inspire that one person out there – or thousands of people!
In either case, you will have made a difference in the world 🙂

Your stories can be your winning difference

You have a sports career behind you and you might as well use it to give you that winning difference when pursuing a second career.

The experience that you have from your sports career is what will differentiate you when looking for a job or starting your own business. Even if you don’t mean to share your stories for a living, being conscious about extracting the lessons that came along on your journey as a world class athlete can serve you as your unique education. The only thing is, to really extract that educational value, you have to be aware of how your experience – your athlete stories – relate to a certain situation or a group of people so that they can see themselves in your story. I know this is hard to see for yourself but I’m here to help you with that. Reach out and let’s find that value.

Sharing your story

I would love to help you identify your moments worth sharing and take your story out into the world -whether in writing, through audio or video or in person presentations.

I know it can be really hard to find out what’s worth sharing from one’s own story. “What could possibly be so interesting about my athlete story” right? That’s how I used to think too…

But I’m a big fan of athlete stories myself, so I try to share my own story here and there, and it has always been worth it. As you can see in this video, the far most intimidating for me was to do my TEDx-talk.

I have also written one of my stories as a contribution to a book, shared some in videos, presentations, interviews and in person on my camps and retreats. It takes work and practice.

I wish I would have had a system in place to collect my stories when I was still active. It would have saved me a lot of time – and lost stories! And I would have been a lot more clear on my unique value to succeed after sports.

That’s why I have developed a system to help other athletes extract their unique value through their own stories and bring forward the stories, lessons and messages to share, so you have them ready to pull out any time – whether in a presentation, a sponsor pitch, an interview….

If that sound good, then reach out and let’s get your stories in the bank,

Succeed after sports message

13 + 7 =

The first time I felt that another person could benefit from my unique skill set and story was incredibly satisfying and exciting. Somehow I didn’t expect that. I thought I had to become an engineer to have value!. Now, while I did get my degree – my athlete story is really what serves me and my clients the most today and in all the earlier entrepreneurial adventures I’ve had in event production, in my personal training business, as a, freelance writer and in media production.

– I love to help other athletes gain awareness of their own value outside sports, so they can repurpose themselves in accordance with their special strengths and who they are and flow right into the next career.