My personal athlete story

As a fan of athlete stories myself, I am happy to share my own story with 20 years in competitive skiing – involving the victories, the mistakes, the lessons.

I have spent more than 20 years in competitive skiing and that has generated a lot of stories with lessons about performance and accomplishment, failure and mistakes, giving and receiving feedback, set backs, balance…

I shared a specific one of my athlete stories in the book Turning Points, a larger part in my TED-talk and there always seem to be relevant stories for on my camps.

I like to help other athletes tell their stories as well. Athlete stories are always good stories because there is a lot of passion, emotions and transformations involved as well as relevant lessons and inspiration that can have a great impact on other people.

About my own athlete story

My own story has could have the following 1-liner: Underdog to number 1 followed by four years of pain and successive injuries before finding solution. But it also includes personal losses which I haven’t talked much about. Writing the contribution to Turning Points was the first time I opened up about my younger brother’s death – 20 years after.

Telling your story, you are the one who chooses what you are ready to share when – and how much.

My love story with skiing

“…I am in Mont Tremblant at the first world cup after the Christmas break.I had just won my
first world cup before Christmas and I had conquered the yellow bib. With one month to go to the 1998 Olympics I am now one of the favorites to win the Olympic gold medal. This was when I made my most expensive mistake of inexperience!…”

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