Athlete Story YouTube Show

Athlete Story is your show if you like to get inspiration from other athletes as well as tips from experts and insiders in the world of sports. There are different playlists sorted after topics. Read and watch more below.

The Tips For Athletes Playlist

This is a playlist of interviews with experts in the sports industry. You find tips about such topics as


Sports Psychology

Media Training

The “Athlete Story” playlists

I love athlete stories and I feel like there are too many good athlete stories that are left untold. Not because they are being hidden – but because there is no forum for them.  I wanted to provide this forum, so I created my own show and called it the Athlete Story show and I started collecting the stories that you can see on the Athlete Story playlists.

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Be part of this athlete community

Feel free to leave your comments on my YouTube channel and let’s create this Athlete community together. I have a great athlete network in real life already. I really value this and I hope that this community can help you as much as it has helped me to have friends and connections from all kinds of sports and countries.

A space for athletes and former athletes

My Youtube channel is a space with resources for athletes and former who like to get inspired by Athlete Stories from different sports and who are still trying to constantly improve and learn and keep growing. 

Be my guest on the Athlete Story show

If you want to be one of my guests and tell your story on the show – please reach out on the very top of this page. You will then receive an application form with 3 quick questions to let me know more about you before we set up a Skype date – or a real life date if we can make that happen.


Athlete Story launched with the opening of the Winter Olympic Games in PyeongChang in February 2018. It consists video interviews with world class athletes in all kinds of sports.

I also post videos on athlete skills that are transferable in other parts of life or work.

That playlist is called Athlete Transferable Skills

I would love to get to know you

The stories on the Athlete Story show don’t only focus on the medals and the glory. Of course we might also talk results – that is an essential part of competitive sports! But as you can see we go way beyond stats and timelines. We want to get to know about you and what you have at heart 🙂