Corporate Wellness

Maybe you’ve experienced in your personal life at some point that there’s a gap between your intentions of living a healthier lifestyle and how your day actually folds out.

On a larger scale this is what happens in bigger organizations – It is not that they are always the big bad guys who don’t care. It can be hard for a corporation to nurture its employees and create a culture that promotes a healthy sustainable lifestyle? The truth is that everybody knows how valuable it is for the bottom line to not drain its own workforce, but there is almost always this big gap between the good intentions and what actually plays out. Day to day business gets in the way – because nobody has that as their primary role or expertise to bridge that gap.

Well, I fill in that role by giving organizations a new opportunity to not only promote healthy habits to their employees but also supporting them. I have a fun, proven way to implement it in less than two months.

I have this game that we run to make that process less lecturing and moralizing and more about having fun while getting things done.

The Fit Body Boost is my online challenge and motivational tool for organizations who wish to make a healthy incentive for its members.

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