Comeback Stories

I have a passion for helping athletes get back to high level sports after injuries. I know the commitment it takes and the doubts you can have when wanting to comeback after an injury – and I really feel this is probably my biggest gift when I work with athletes today. I just know where you are and I have been through that several times myself with a positive result. I competed up until I was 40 years old thanks to good, efficient conditioning in the right amount.  I also rely on my academic training and a world class team of partners in the fields of sports medicine, nutrition, sports psychologist, ART providers and other therapists. This allows me to help you in a holistic way.

Instead of me keeping writing about my attributes, I have posted videos below with other world class athletes that I have worked with, so you can hear what they have to say about working with me:

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Guilbaut Colas, Moguls Skiing – France, FIS world champion 2011
Olympic Games 2010 and 2014

Søren Hansen, pro golfer and Ryder Cup player – Denmark

After a serious injury threatening my career as a professional golfer, I started working with Anja to optimise my physical preparation and get back to playing again. Already after a few months I felt a lot stronger and very fit. She knew exactly how to motivate me when it got tough. Besides knowing her stuff and being very analytical to find out what I needed, she had a good overview and also knew how to coordinate with other experts to get a holistic plan. I really enjoyed working with her and learnt a lot in the process. The training and knowledge was second to none…      

Damien Desprat, Laser Boat – Monaco, London Olympic Games 2012