Media Training for Athletes

TJ Walker did not only tailor his best media training tips specifically for athletes in this episode of Athlete Story, he also made an exceptional offer for the fast action takers in the audience:

If you act fast, you can get free access to his  comprehensive online media training course by clicking here.

I have collected all TJ’s specific media training tips for athletes in notes form in the downloadable show notes that you can grab on the right. They include notes on:

  • how to introduce yourself to a group of people or one-on-one
  • public speaking practice
  • telling your story
  • coming across your best in interviews

I have also put an assignment in there for you 🙂

To save YOU the hassle and time, I have taken great notes for you.

Want them ?

Live workshop alert for personal training

If you wish to get notified about a live workshop that we will be proposing in Sarasota or New York, with actual personal media training, send me an email and let me know you are interested.

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