To share my experience and passion for empowering the body to bring out your inner champion, I founded Riviera Fit Body in August 2009. My mission is to help you discover that the biggest power you have in life is how you decide to treat your own body.

-That affects how you feel, what you can do, what limitations you will experience.  It is an area of life where you have true influence and can make a real difference. Your body can be your best ally – and your biggest hinderance.  And NO, you do not have complete control over every aspect, but if you learn to understand your relationship, you and your body can develop a really good, supporting lifelong friendship.

Riviera Fit Body is based on the steep, rocky coast of the French Riviera on the border with Monaco – an area lending itself perfectly to all kinds of outdoor training! While I also do camps and retreats in other places, II have chosen this beautiful area to live and work, both in-person and online, with the following solutions to general health and fitness as well as high-level sport specific performance for athletes:



Anja Bolbjerg: “Training has always been part of my life.  As a kid I played team handball and did gymnastics, in high school I played volleyball and ran track and field and in university I started competitive skiing.
Training to become the best I could be – and in particular overcoming the set backs – is what has created my big fascination with the effects of training.  I have felt on my own body how you can get set back – and how you can help yourself to come back again even stronger. I have felt how you can strengthen your mind by strengthening your body and vice versa. I love to help people empower themselves this way.”        

Sports had always been a regular part of my life but over the last years, due to increasing time demands from work and life my sporting activities kind of went out the window. I was desperate to get back into shape and lose some kgs. So I contacted Anja. She set me up with a two month challenge and goal, and designed a daily exercise programme that was intense, quick and progressive, and that can be done at home and away. At the end of the two months I was very pleased: while I didn’t quite lose the kgs set up in my goal, I saw a great improvement in my strength and muscle tone, and better yet that I had lost cms on my thighs and upper arms, and a whopping 8cm around my waist!! Thank you, Anja!! You put me back on track to get ME back!….and I am going to keep going!           

Alexandra Charlesworth