The Nth Power Sports Career Game Plan

No matter how great a set-up you have, a sports career can still be a lonely journey a times. Our family often don’t get us and even within our inner circle, people often have different interests at some level and it can give reason to some doubts at best. Especially when it comes to making important decisions on how you spend your time to optimize your career.

I used to ask myself how it’s possible to be so determined as an athlete and in certain parts of life and then so confused and vague in others. I found the answer to be lack of clarity in those areas. Lack of clear priorities. Lack of strategy. We have that almost built in naturally in sports – but not when it comes to managing the things around our sports career – or in completely different areas for that matter.

That’s where I propose my guidance to help you and other athletes plan your time and effort so you don’t waste it. With the Nth Power Sports Career Game Plan, we leverage your strengths and catch up where you’re lagging behind, according to where you are in your sports career and in life.

My guidance is based on listening to you and what I have learnt from my own mistakes, successes and network during my 20 year sports career followed by working as a coach.

Together we will make a strategy for what you need to focus on for the next month to a year. You will get a program based on that, so that you know exactly what you have to do each week to make progress, according to what we have decided to give priority.

The main themes we work with are :

Media coverage

Come back from injury

Mental game boost

Monetizing your sports career

Transition to life after sport

Leverage your athlete story to give yourself a winning difference in life

Central to all these areas is good energy management so you can perform your best in training and competition and still make progress in these areas, good surroundings and support and self development and care.

That’s how we take your game plan to the N’th Power.

Nth power game plan

The key elements we work with to take this game plan to the Nth power are: Nature, Nurture and Nergy

Nergy is about managing your resources so you don’t deplete yourself and you can keep the flow. This includes physical and mental energy but also finances and purpose. Where and how do you waste, spend, recover and repurpose your energy?

Nature is about working with the givens and using what is out there. What is the terrain we are navigating in? We also use the outdoors is a partner for exploration and removal of barriers and limitations.

Nurture is about working with yourself and the people around you. It is about personal skill development, growth, care and connection as well as physical preparation and having your body as an ally and friend – even when you are injured, in pain or just beat up 🙂

Setting up your new Game Plan

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