What’s with the camps?

Athletes use training camps to work on some specific challenge, project or skill they wish to improve. It’s an excellent way to get things moving.I have been organizing camps all my adult life with different themes from world class athletic training to wellness, kickstart a healthier lifestyle, women and skiing, networking and skiing, to business incentives and personal development to name a few. I’m a big fan of camps and I see that the is just as valuable for people outside sports.

With my camps and retreats, I’m giving you that same intense opportunity to go away from home just to focus on something you want to change or improve. An intense experience and kickstart in the right direction.

Epic Experiences

To make a lasting effect, a camp must include epic experiences – those special moments that stay with you forever. I do that with a theme combined with physical experiences.

I run various different themed camps and retreats but they all involve an element of physical activity. Skiing, dancing, water sports… I aim to give people a holistic experience to take back home. Sometimes I collaborate with other experts that I feel really have something to offer and where I can use movement or the outdoors for you to embody what you are learning.

Anja, you are so incredibly inspiring!! I so recommend you!! You have been the biggest inspiration for me skiing. I tell almost every one I meet skiing about you!! If it hadn’t been for you, I don’t think I would have ever signed up for all the ski courses I have since out trip.

Sara Wiemann, Women Only ski camp 2011 and 2012

How to join?
To join one of Anja’s different camps and retreats just reach out on the social media of your choice here on the right or give me a call at +33 637 411 686.


  • French Riviera
  • in the Alps
  • hiking the Camino de Santiago de Compostella in Spain
  • in Cancun, Mexico

Typical activities include

  • morning yoga
  • individual coaching
  • fitness program
  • nutrition
  • fun outdoor activities

Contact Anja to set up an EPIC EXPERIENCE for you, your team or your organization.

– I love to do collaborative projects. I have collaborated with travel agencies, corporate coaching companies, clubs and sports organizations, authors and film makers. If you have an idea for a retreat or a camp that you would like to spice up with a physical aspect, let’s make it happen! .