I won’t pretend to be on the barricades for women’s rights but I do realize that we owe a lot to this movement. I know I have been privileged to grow up in a culture and family where women are rarely limited or silenced or dollied (is that a word?) – but I only realize this privilege because I still meet so many women for whom that is absolutely not the case!

And so I will celebrate – together with a bunch of women and chosen inspirational speakers tonight at the Professional Women’s Network.

If you are not that lucky ? then you can always celebrate and get your dose of inspiration by watching my Athlete Story interview with a woman who has just helped get a whole new law passed in the US to help prevent sexual abuse in sports by making sure such cases can no longer be treated internally within the national governing bodies.

She is the CEO of Champion Women. – Oh and besides that, she has 3 Olympic gold medals…Her name is Nancy Hogshead-Makar and you can watch the interview here:

Another way to celebrate International Women’s Day

If you want another inspirational story outside sports, let me suggest this interview over at the School of Greatness. Tererai Trent’s story is unbelievable, I keep telling it to others but you can listen to it here.
Without giving away the story, just let me know afterwards if you believe it is a coincidence.

Happy International Women’s Day 2018!