Athlete Story was chosen for a feature on Soundwise. That gave me the chance to explain WHY I make this podcast and what the mission is. You can read the interview below.

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“I was an Olympic athlete. For ten years, I competed on the FIS moguls skiing World Cup. After one too many injuries, I had to stop my career in mogul skiing. Five years after retiring, I made a comeback in another ski discipline and competed for two years on the Freeride World Tour. . . So in a way, I have been through the transition into life after sports twice. Even though I did try to prepare myself, I felt a loss of momentum and lack of clarity for how to best repurpose my skills. I had learnt so much from my sport and felt that this was my true value, even though I got a degree in engineering while I was competing. It took me fourteen years to get the degree on the side, and I actually have never worked a day in my life as an engineer. . . Instead I leveraged my experience from dealing with and recovering my body after each injury. I traveled far to find solutions, because I was told I wouldn’t ski again. I went to Canada and the US, where I learned how to condition your body for what you want to be able to do. For me, this meant going back to skiing and living without always being in pain. (Continue reading at . . *** . . @anja.bolbjerg is the host of Athlete Story Podcast, a weekly podcast that helps athletes leverage their experience and skills, and own their sports career--so they can build upon a life after sports. . . Her current favorite podcast (besides her own) is Super Fast Business, by James Schramko. . . @mysoundwise is the #1 mobile-focused solution for coaches and experts to create and sell on-demand audio programs. . . More stories at . . . . . . #podcasting #soundwise #innergameofpodcasting #igp #audio #stories #storytelling #inspiration #motivation #tips #lifestruggles #lifelessons #growth #podcastinglife #PodcastingWithPurpose #podcastingwisdom #podcastingtips #podcastinglifestyle #challenges #life #overcomingobstacles  #olympic #athlete #transition #engineer #passion #hardwork A post shared by Soundwise (@mysoundwise) on