How to thrive in challenging conditions

Last week I talked to Swedish freeride skiing champion, Reine Barkered about what lies behind performing in a high risk environment. His job is to thrive in challenging conditions.  Freeride skiing is an extreme sport where you have to choose you way down a steep,...

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Life lessons from the river

Consider this week's Athlete Story a free world class coaching session that you can take yourself - and share with whomever you like! Our coach is Olympic Gold medalist Joe Jacobi, a retired athlete in whitewater river canoeing turned executive business coach. Joe...

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Why are not more women coaching athletes?

There are not many women coaching athletes. I'm not teaching you anything new there. But why is that? Besides regular machoism and old boys networks, confidence is key here.  But before moving on to confidence, let me first salute all the men I have been coaching over...

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Do you celebrate International Women’s Day?

I won't pretend to be on the barricades for women's rights but I do realize that we owe a lot to this movement. I know I have been privileged to grow up in a culture and family where women are rarely limited or silenced or dollied (is that a word?) – but I only...

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