Ep.020 Athlete Story Podcast

Rethinking a sport as an offer with Brand Manager for The Danish Sailing Champions League, former athlete Nynne Ammundsen

Today’s guest is revolutionizing the appeal of sailing for a new generation!

I think it's fascinating how big of a role that marketing and messaging plays in our decisions every day, even in sports. I'm not talking about how sponsors use sports and athletes to market their products. I'm talking about how sports itself needs to use marketing to stay relevant and interesting and keep recruiting new athletes. 

Former elite athlete, Nynne Ammundsen, loves working with events and seeing the impact events can have on people and the community. She realizes that a sport is an offer like any other offer, competing for people's attention.

Today Nynne is Brand Manager for the Danish Sailing Champions League where she's been working with the team to popularize a not so easily accessible sport with to find creative rethinking of the offer of sailing as a competitive sport.

In this episode, we talk about the challenges associated with assembling and marketing the sailing league. Nynne tells us about the initiatives set up by the Sejlsportsligaen (the Danish name) and special initiatives they've come up with like WOW (Women On Water). We also discuss the emerging E-Sports industry and how its being utilised within sailing.

Nynne Ammundsen - WOW Sejlsportsligaen DGI blad

Nynne Ammundsen 

World Champion 2014 in Duatlon and Brand Manager for the the Danish Sailing League

«​In a way, my main advantage is that I do not have any previous experience in sailing at this level. So, from my point of view, it's good because I will question mark things which sailors take for granted. Sometimes you need a different message to get new people on board. If you keep repeating certain words which non-sailors do not understand, then sailing will never be as popular a sport as we hope it will be soon.»

Rethinking and rebranding of a sport WOW Pinterest

About our guest

rethinking a sport with Nynne Ammundsen

Former elite athlete, Nynne Ammundsen, started working in events as a great way to combine her passion for and insight into the world of sports with a professional career. When she moved to Singapore for a couple of years she became  a concept developer and coach within Asia’s largest Triathlon Association: MetaSport. After returning to Denmark, she began to work as a coordinator for major sporting events, such as the Copenhagen Velothon and various Powerman Championships across Scandinavia. 

About WOW

WOW Women on Water is an initiative to extend the sport of sailing and what it has to offer into a networking opportunity for women and a way to teach the transferable lessons from sailing to business and life.

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