Ep.024 Athlete Story Podcast

Setting the bar high - Athlete Story ft Marc Hauser - Guiness Record holder first jet stream skydive

Marc Hauser's inspiring journey to draw attention to renewable energy of the jet stream through a record breaking skydive into the jet stream evidences the benefit of setting the bar high.

Marc Hauser is a skydiver – who is now on a mission to use sports to draw attention to renewable energy sources such as the jetstream. His jump out into the jetstream from a hot air balloon in 2018 just earned him a spot in the Guinness Records. But at the time of the jump his performance and record was actually the least of his concerns... 

You'll get that story as well as everything that went into prepping for it. Of course, I also want to dive into what is his personal takeaway from this whole experience and how he uses that today.

Marc reminds us to capitalise on our short time on Earth, encouraging us to overcome our fears which stop our progression. If you’re given two paths in life, always take the one which has risk and requires bravery. Because that’s “where the magic happens.”


“I'm sure that realistic goals are absolute b*stards. Because you have to reach them! And if you don’t reach realistic goals, you're a loser. Just raise the bar a bit higher, a bit higher... till it sounds a bit ridiculous and it makes you smile. That's exactly where you should aim. Because then the goal itself starts to glow like a star.

It's always better story if you have an ambitious, crazy, funny goal. If you don't reach that goal at the end, at least it's a story. If you have realistic goals and you do not reach them, it's not even a story...” 


About our guest

Marc Hauser is on a mission to use sports and adventure to draw attention to renewable energy sources through storytelling and video production.

He is a Guinness Record holder for first skydive into the jet stream.

This whole mission was documented in collaboration with BBC World in the documentary CHASING THE JETSREAM that you can get on demand here:https://vimeo.com/ondemand/chasingthejetstream

See how you can get Marc out to speak for you:​​​​​


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