After a sports career, there’s a void for most athletes. And at the same time, so many opportunities…! Where do you redirect your energy? How do you find fulfilment?

Setting yourself up for a new career after sports – that ignites you the way sports did – is something all athletes dream about! But it can be quite a challenge to find out what that could be. Your athletic journey was so intense and the last thing you want is that your best days are behind you! I was a world cup skier for more than 10 years, so I get it…

As an athlete, your priorities were clear. You were on a mission. Sometimes, you kind of miss that feeling of knowing what to do to move forward and having the determination to just go do it.

A little guidance can be the difference between ending up doing whatever – or setting yourself up for a new mission that reignites your determination and gives you that sense of being in alignment with who you are. That’s why I’ve put together the Successful After Sports Summit. Here you’ll meet a collection of former athletes and other experts that I have handpicked to give athletes that guidance and spark in life after sports.

You see, there isn’t a lot of ways to get guidance as athletes once we’re on our way out of our sports career and on to new things. The Successful After Sports Summit. It’s an online summit with a program that is designed to provide former athletes with the most relevant resources and practical tips to go from doubt, worry and loss of momentum to getting clear on who you are and what direction you want to take in life after sports! Even if you retired years ago like me and you are way into life after a sports career.

You can register your spot for this free online event by clicking here: (The free live dates are Jan 24-26 2020). We also have a solution for you if you can’t make it those days. Just click to check that out and get all the information).

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