On this second day of the Successful After Sports Summit we’re going from the inner work of Day 1 to putting yourself out there. Today is all about using your sports career as a launching pad for your future success – and positioning yourself in life after sports.

To help you put yourself out there, we’ll cover topics like networking, creating your new team, personal branding, public speaking, using LinkedIn and also how you can combine giving back with positioning yourself in your field.

Remember that if you missed the sessions or you want to watch them again you can get the All Access Pass here.

Here’s who you’ll see today:

We have Olympic Beach Volleyball Player (2000) and Public Speaker, Annette Lynch. She’s going to reveal her methods for public speaking.

Geo Derice, international speaker and best selling author will help you create a supportive environment to get fired up and keep the engine running.

We also have former professional basketball player Malcolm Lemmons sharing his knowledge and research for his latest book on personal branding for athletes and after sports.  

Career Coach and fellow podcaster, Mark Moyer, will show us around on LinkedIn and teach us how to build a professional network on this platform.

We’ll also look at real-life networking. Most of us have been to networking events where we meet people but nothing actually ever happens…
Krystal Beachum, Author and founder of Student-Athletes Unite shares her strategy of a networking system that actually helps you connect with people.

Finally we’ll look at an example of how you can combine giving back to sports with positioning yourself and your expertise. 1996 Olympic Gold Medalist Mark Henderson has created a global online platform where former athletes help the young hopefuls and their parents by answering all their sports related questions. It’s an incredible project!


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Remember that if you missed the sessions or you want to watch them again you can

 get the All Access Pass here.

The line-up of DAY 2:

Successful After Sports Summit Day 2 program