Ep.011 Athlete Story Podcast

Storytelling for Athletes. Tips From Emmy Award Winning Michael Baltierra, ESPN E:60 Show

Storytelling for athletes – What makes your story great?

I love ending the year with this episode with my friend, Emmy Award winning Michael Baltierra from ESPN’s storytelling show, E:60.

I really do believe that one of the most important assets you have as a world class athlete is the journey you’ve been on, going above and beyond – and even deep down under – to become the best at your sport. You may have won a medal or a title and that’s awesome – but it’s the investment you put in and the lessons you got back that will stay with you – and that you can use and contribute with to help other people if you want to share. That’s the basic philosophy of Athlete Story and what I’m here to help you tap into.

And the cool thing about this episode is that you will get to know more about how to share your story so that it’s interesting to other people and why it makes you special and valuable.

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Michael Baltierra - Storytelling ESPN E60

“You’re a member of the audience. If you’re interested, then, there’s going to be somebody else that’s interested out there. If you’re not interested, then, find another story. Part of that is what is interesting about the story? What makes that story interesting to you. What makes it exciting or emotional? What makes you happy? What makes you sad? Those are the things we like when we are putting our stories together, one of the things we’re mindful is, there is difference between a report and a story. A report is, here are the facts, here is what happen, this and then this and then this on this day. That’s not a story, that’s what you get in school when they tell you: -Memorize these things.”

Michael Baltierra

Executive Editor E:60 TV show, ESPN

About our guest

Michael Baltierra‘s career as a storyteller in broadcasting includes nine years as a producer at ABC News. Traveling the world to cover stories and put them into context so that we can relate to them in our own little pond back home.
His passion for sport and apparently, a great working environment at ESPN led him to become an executive editor for The E60 Show. For those of you who don’t know the show, it’s a weekly sports show magazine style where they bring great sports documentaries that are always relatable and relevant, no matter what the sport or the results because those stories go way beyond sports.
Knowing Mike, I can already tell you that empathy and the ability to see things from different angles, probably part of what makes him a champion storyteller.