What good does being coachable do you once your sports career is over…?

If you’re a former elite athlete, I deduct that you are coachable. – Or you wouldn’t have taken your sport to that level, right? But do you know how valuable that is in the workplace or if you want to succeed with your own business? Do you realize how many people are NOT coachable and how that puts a brake on their possibilities ?

Once your sports career is over, you need to stay coachable. If you don’t want your best days to be behind you, that is.

-Obviously I don’t want my best days to be behind me, Anja, I here you saying.

And here comes my point. Then why is it that we stop getting coaching and practicing when we’re done with our sports career? Why would you stop doing what gave you guts and glory ?

Let me remind you what that was exactly:

Practicing, conditioning, learning and growing, experimenting, productive and purposeful habits, putting yourself out there – even when it was scary. And being coachable !

Those are all valid in your life after sports – and if you make use of that, that’s where you can make a huge difference. The difference that you made in sports, compared to the ones who didn’t move on to the next level when you did.

Now if you want some free coaching specifically for you as a former athlete, go ahead and sign up for the Successful After Sports Summit. I hope to be welcoming YOU right there along with all the other athletes who’ve signed up !

when your sports career is over
stay coachable after sports