Ep.014 Athlete Story Podcast

When you are forced to retire from sports before you are ready ft former dancer Chrissy Papetti

What happens when you retire from sports ?

In this Athlete Story with former competitive dancer, Chrissy Papetti. we talk about retiring from sports when you are no where near ready for it. In fact, that’s a very common scenario – that either injury or lack of results or finances make that decision for you as an athlete. That leads to a sense of unfinished business that you have to deal with.

Chrissy works as an occupational therapist today. She also offers coaching solutions to former dancers and athletes to help them orient themselves in the retirement process, using tools from her work as an occupational therapist combined with her personal experience.

Tune in to meet Chrissy and hear her athlete and retirement story.

We talk about

– The phases of the transition out of sports

– Unfinished business

– How Chrissy helps former dancers transition on in life after dancing

You can also watch a video version of this interview here.

You can also watch a video version of this interview here.

READ the transcript of full interview by clicking here.


Chrissy Papetti’s dancing career came to a definitive end way before she was ready for it. After 20+ years dancing — placing 4th in the world in the World Tap Championships, earning my BFA in Dance at University of Michigan, participating in countless national competitions, performing at the Big House on the Michigan Dance Team — it all ended with a devastating hip injury.

Hanging on to the hope of a come back for years and fighting with every cell was not enough and Chrissy realized she was forced to retire and move on – not passing that denial phase easily. Because back then she didn’t know what she knows today about major transitions in life.

About our guest

After sports and a successful career in finance, Berit decided to take action to save the oceans. She wanted to make an impact, so what did this champion do. Of course she went ahead and started her own nonprofit which is now growing internationally and helping with everything from simple beach cleanups to awareness, actions and education on the issue of ocean pollution and its endangered species – upon which the planet relies for oxygen! Her love and passion for the ocean and the animals has been with her since a child.