Ep.019 Athlete Story Podcast

Our Redefining Moments and sharing your lessons - Athlete Story ft Paralympic Silver Medalist & Public Speaker John F Register

Today you'll meet a remarkable athlete turned public speaker, John F Register.

When John had a really bad accident at the US Olympic trials in 400m hurdles, he was forced to make a really tough decision and rethink what would be his "new normal." 

Based on his impressive story, we talk about tough choices and transitions we are forced to make, the fears involved - and how removing something from your life can sometimes the best solution - even when it's a really tough decision.

He refers to this as our "redefining moments."  

We also talk about sharing the lessons from your story through public speaking. John helps athletes share their story so that it adds value to others and he gives us some tips. He also offers a free training call for the Athlete Story community, so make sure you let me know if you're interested in that.

John talks about how having people in his life that were close enough to believe for him what he couldn't yet see for himself, has been critical. And how we need that in those tough redefining moments to help with that initial movement onwards.


John F Register 

All-American Hurdler, Paralympic Silver Medalist & Public Speaker

«I began to speak to her about all my fears. And then she said the words that really stopped my downward spiral. She says: You know what, John. We're going to get through this together. You know, this is just our new normal...And when she said those words she really baselined my entire existence. Because all these fears I had were really unfounded. They were only MY fears, MY thoughts of what the future might look like. And who had put them in there? ...

And as I started, you know through my sobs and crying, my son John Jr, he jumps off the swing set. He hits the ground. He comes running over on those little 5 and half years old legs and he says: -Hey dad, did you see my big jump, you see my big jump, dad? Dad did you look at my jump?   And he comes in between myself and Alice seeing that I'm struggling.  And in those 20 meters, he's just validated me as his father. And he has created HIS new normal. And so really, they have moved on before I have moved on. And sometimes we need those individuals in our lives that are so close to our inner circle that they believe for us what we cannot yet see for ourselves. And that's critical to have that very small inner circle around us to help us with that initial movement in those redefining moments that we have and that we will have to go through. »

John F Register Our Re-Defining Moments


John Register Head Shot

“I did not overcome the loss of my limb.  To overcome the loss would mean I’d have to grow it back.  What I overcame were the limits I placed on myself and that others placed on me.  This is what is universal for all of us to overcome.”  

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John F Register, Paralympic Long Jump Silver Medalist & Public Speaker and Founder of Inspired Communications

About our guest

John F Register was in the military when he was an All-American hurdler. He had it all planned out for his sports career, having qualified for the US Olympic Trials and then for a career after sports in the military. An accident costing him his one leg (literally) changed things. But that didn't stop John from continuing to achieve great things in both fields as you will hear in this episode.

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