Ep.007 Athlete Story Podcast

Media Training For Athletes ft TJ Walker from Media Training Worldwide

If you are looking for public speaking tips and media training tips for athletes, then this episode of Athlete Story is for you.

My guest is world renowned expert in media training, TJ Walker and the media training tips that TJ will give you are tailored specifically to you as an athlete.

We will talk about how to improve your interview skills with some simple strategies that TJ uses to help public figures such as athletes, presidents and prime ministers and even Miss Universes communicate more effectively

You will get tips on

  • come across your best in your public appearances
  • improve your communication skills so that you can feel more confident and look more professional in interviews, public speaking and media appearances,

He will also tell us :

  • The one commonly used way to practice speaking skills – that you DO NOT want to use.
  • A trick about SOUNDBITES that will help you avoid mistakes that can get you misunderstood or prevent you from getting your message across.

He also made this exceptional offer for the fast action takers in the audience:
If you act fast, you can get free access to his  comprehensive online media training course by clicking here.

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You can also watch a video version of this interview here.

READ the transcript of full interview by clicking here.

To save YOU the hassle and time, I have taken great notes for you.

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TJ Walker giving in media training tips for athletes

“If you can talk about not just your particular sport but how you overcame adversity, how you perform when the chips were down, how you took members of a team who individually didn’t have any more talent than any other team and you brought them together in a way where you triumph over adversaries. Those are messages, frankly, that corporations love, and trade associations…”

TJ Walker

Media Training Expert, Media Training Worldwide

About our guest

TJ Walker is one of the best media training experts in the world. Through his company, Media Training Worldwide, he helps public figures such as Olympic and pro athletes, presidents and prime ministers and even Miss Universes communicate more effectively, so that they can answer questions and so they can get the exact quotes they want, regardless of whether the reporter likes them or doesn’t like them, is nice and sympathetic, or mean or stupid.

He teaches how to have a clear message and speak so that your message is understood whether in the media, public speaking or simply how to present yourself so that you grab the attention of the people listening.