Ep.002 Athlete Story Podcast

Dare put your self out there. A female fighter’s story and lessons learnt on the journey from newbie to 2x world champion.

Prepare, then dare to put yourself out there ! Fear of failure won’t get you anywhere!

That was what I took away from my Athlete Story session with Nicole Sydbøge, 2-time world champion and winner of the World Games in Jiu-Jitsu. So much so that I will let this be the motto for this show.

You will find 19 steps to success in this Athlete Story -and hopefully have a good laugh together with us as we share some memories from common adventures and mistakes we’ve made. « It’s okay to make mistakes, » says Nicole « -as long as we learn from them ». It is something she has herself been working on being okay with, in order to not let fear of failure limit her from from trying new things.

Besides all her titles in jiu-jitsu, daring to put herself out there has given her many unique experiences outside her sport. In this interview you will be taken on Nicole’s journey from a newbie in the martial arts to winner og the World Games, gladiator and MMA fights.

You will also learn why we were so hungry that Nicole had to teach me how to kill a hen at one point.

A few keywords on what it takes dare to put yourself out there:
– Defining the project
– Choosing your environment
– Making the plan
– Adapt strategy
– Assembling the parts
– When to say no
– Fueling the drive
– Humility
– Team & support
– Being in alignment
– Re-purposing skills
– Stay in shape
– Prepare or go home
– Trust you preparation
– Being free – not defensive
– Put yourself out there
– How do you react
– Learn from mistakes
– Forget fear of failure

I wrote another blog post on fear of failure, disappointment, and the « don’t set you hopes too high approach on the blog here.

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Nicole Sydbøge dare to put yourself out there