Ep.009 Athlete Story Podcast

Career Coaching For Athletes. How is the job search game really played? Ft Career Coach Mark Moyer

Career Coaching For Athletes

Career Coach Mark Moyer will takes us behind the scenes of recruiting and show us how the job search game really works.

Why is it usually a waste of time to send out job applications and how do you find out what kind of job would even fit you?.

You’re going to learn the smarter of looking for jobs and get Marks tips on:

→ How to use LinkedIn strategically

→ How to position yourself to never have to look for and answer to job ads

→ How to avoid wasting time and energy in the job search game

→ How to properly prepare for and control a job interview

→ and a whole lot more

Athletes will come to Mark for lots of different reasons

Some are struggling when they first retire from the sport.

Some have retired from sport for many years and have really not understood what they want to do next.

And some athletes are still active butt want to start figuring out, what happens if either they have to retire because of injury or because they are not performing anymore.

What happens to most of them is that when they leave their sport, suddenly their confidence plummets. Doubt sets in and thoughts like: “I don’t know if I can be a professional or run a company or be an executive or be a whatever.”

They all seem to really need the same message to boost their confidence. Here are some of the typical athlete transferable skills that Mark would emphasize as a former world class athlete besides what you have learnt through your athlete story:

  • driven to succeed
  • very coachable and manageable
  • usually comfortable in front of the media and in front of people
  • easy for athletes to learn a new thing, a new direction, a new topic
  • work ethic
  • growth mindset

He also gives advice on how to prepare for an interview situation and make it more like a conversation.

You can also watch a video version of this interview here.

READ the transcript of full interview by clicking here.

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MarkMoyer-career coaching for athletes

“If someone asks a retiring athlete who maybe is just leaving the sport, and let’s say, they’ve been like yourself, a skier: -What do you do?

-I used to ski and I’m looking for a job.

That’s not good. Instead, if you say, “Look, for the past 22 years, I’ve been involved in competitive skiing and I’m looking to leverage that competitiveness, my work ethic, and my knowledge of being in front of the media and marketing into a company that really is looking to add somebody that’s really going to kick the ass right away, and somebody who has the work ethic, the drive, and the skill set to hit the ground running immediately. Is there anybody you know that would want somebody like that?”

Mark Moyer

Athlete Career Coach, Author of WIN AGAIN!, www.markmoyer.com

About our guest

Mark Moyer is a Career and Business Coach. In particular he helps athletes with success strategies for their career in life after sports

Mark is based in Manhattan, New York, where he has been helping his clients find their dream jobs for 25 years. One of them, many years ago, happened to be a former pro ice hockey player who was maybe not as confident in his skills for the job search game as he was on the ice.

This experience transformed, not only the former ice hockey player’s career, but also Mark’s, in a way because it brought his attention to the need for helping athletes tap into their unique skill set and experience as athletes to find their new career path in life after sports.

Since then, Mark has pretty much specialized in helping athletes « turn athletic excellence into business success.» as it says on his book, the JOB SEARCH PLAYBOOK that he has called WIN AGAIN.

Mark Moyer is also a speaker and Forbes magazine contributor.

An easy way to learn more about Mark is to tune into his Make Your Mark podcast which also caters to athletes.

Mark’s book: Win Again! Turn Athletic Excellence into Business Success, is written in this actionable style explaining how you can position yourself in order to not have to sell yourself.

The first half guides you on how to find what your value is and how you can be of value to others, based on your story and experience and skills set as an athlete.

The second part is about reaching out and networking etc.

You can buy the book here: