Ep.003 Athlete Story Podcast

Balancing risks and rewards in sports. A freerider’s story and strategy to keep momentum inn challenging conditions

In this Athlete Story interview you will get tips on how to keep momentum in difficult situations and find flow in a high risk environment full of obstacles from winner of the Freeride World Tour 2012, Reine Barkered. As you will see, that’s essentially what he does for a living.

He shares his view on planning and how going high speed in extreme terrain is not merely about taking risk and hoping for the best – even if it may look like that sometimes.

Sharing his story, Reine Barkered takes us behind the scenes of freeride skiing and what goes into to being able to blast down 45 degrees raw mountain faces, reaching speeds of 100km/h, dropping cliffs 10 times his own height – in high altitude. We also get around some advice for young athletes who want to build their sports career and the toughest parts of an otherwise fun and adventurous lifestyle.

To see Reine Barkered in freeride ski action, check out the video version of this interview which has some awesome footage of him blasting down the mountain.

READ the transcript of full interview by clicking here.

Reine Barkered -Freeride World Tour Verbier
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About our guest

Reine Barkered balancing risks and rewards in sports

Reine Barkered was the winner of the Freeride World Tour in 2012. He has been skiing on this prestigious tour since 2009 as one of the most consistent riders. And he is still far from done if it were all up to him,  His nickname is Mayor of Stomp Town for his ability to stomp the landings when jumping off the most spectacular cliffs of  a mountain face in high speed.  Reine Barkered comes from the Swedish ski resort of Åre, which has fostered many world class skiers. He skis for Dynastar Skis and Giro protection gear.

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