Ep.008 Athlete Story Podcast

Life After Sports. Using Athlete Mentality to Repurpose Yourself. Athlete Story ft Matthew Wetschler Worldwide

Using your athletic mindset

How can you use your athletic mindset to face challenges beyond sports?

In this episode Adventure athlete, Matthew Harlow Wetschler shares his incredible story and how he has managed to find himself and thrive in a life where most of what he cherished was taken away in an instant. How what saved him was: Knowing his core values and his athletic mindset.

We start with a flashback to his life with sports before his deadly accident. He says his athletic mindset was the foundation that made him find himself “surprisingly well equipped to meet the most intense challenge of my life which is having my entire body taken from me, and my life briefly taken from me. I was able to really meet the challenge head on.”

You will hear Matt’s experience and tips on….

→ the benefits of the athletic mindset that go beyond sports

→ the shadow side to the athletic mentality

→ why it’s better to have a vision than a goal

→ how art has been Matt’s way of expressing himself

→ and a whole lot more

The episode on brainspotting that I mentioned can be seen here:


Once again thank you to Scott Fitzloff for letting me use clips from his video portrait of Matt.

Drone footage by Tylor Norwood. In-hospital footage by Dane Wetschler.

You can watch Scott Fitzloff’s full video here: https://vimeo.com/279760575

You can also watch a video version of this interview here.

READ the transcript of full interview by clicking here.


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Matt Wetschler showing his athletic mindset

“When you hear about stories of success, often they are told in retrospect and they’re told in a way that makes it seem like there was this moment where a project started in the garage, and then all of a sudden, there was this exponential growth and skyrocketing to success, but the real story is often that there is a flare of excitement, and there’s the track through the desert where there’s so much uncertainty and you’re never given the gift of complete success or complete failure because either would be easy. Even like a complete failure is gift. You’re like, “Oh, that definitely doesn’t work.” Often, you get the half success. Last month worked and this month, not so much. That is really trying. And I think having a framework that orients us to survive that track through the desert to get to the success which will happen if we are persistent. That requires a little bit of a different framework other than, ‘I’m going to dig deep. I’m going to leave it all on the field. I’m going to give it 110%.’ Which is I think the classic old school mentality.”

Matthew Wetschler

Artist and Motivational Speaker, www.matthewwetschler.com

About our guest

Matthew Wetschler was a national level elite rower in high school. After a burnout from the hard training – that he had to do on his own, he turned to his childhood sport of skiing to explore his limits and curiosity for how far he could take it. On November 15 2017 Matt had a deadly accident while body surfing. It did actually take his life for about 10 minutes when he was floating face down in the water, unconscious and – as he discovered two days later when he woke up from coma – paralyzed from the neck down. He thanks science, luck and his athletic mentality for today being able to walk again.

Matt’s says that: “While I would never opt in to having a spinal cord injury, definitely not a box I would check. It has not been a negative experience.”

Today Matt shares his story as a Motivational Speaker and Artist.