Ep.013 Athlete Story Podcast

Online business success with athletic grit – and Pinterest – ft Rachel Ngom, former all American volleyball player

If you’ve ever thought about staring an online business or leveraging the internet to get your message or services out there then you want to listen carefully to this episode with junior Olympic Champion Rachel Ngom who had to end her sports career in volleyball early due to a severe rib cage injury.

Rachel has been on quite a journey since, but in this episode we talk mostly about the strategy that led her to a successful online business after years of struggling to get by.

We talk about

– How to use the internet to get clients and propose your services

– How to get people to actually find your services

– Why Pinterest and a blog (or other content) works wonders

– How to best stay in touch with and nurture potential clients so you stay top of mind

– What Rachel uses from her athletic background to be strong in business

Yes, athletic grit is on that menu but she also makes some, perhaps, surprising points about for example patience and competitiveness.

You can get the list of the skills from sports that Rachel relies on for her business by clicking the green button and complete it with your own personal ideas. This is a super helpful to activate that athletic grit of yours whenever you lose momentum or start to doubt in yourself.

You can also watch a video version of this interview here.

READ the transcript of full interview by clicking here.


Pinterest Rachel Ngom portrait

« I would chose Pinterest – just because it’s going to give you the most return for your time investment. And so you will spend a few hours getting it set up and really understanding the platform. But like I said,  I haven’t touched my fitness blog in a year and it’s still bringing that many leads. And so it’s the lowest maintenance platform out there. »

Rachel Ngom

Former All-American Volleyball Player, She's Making An Impact

Athletic grit as a business Asset - Cover photo

About our guest

Rachel Ngom has built a successful online business first in fitness and nutrition – and helping other women start their own online business. Her approach is based on attracting the people who are actively looking for what you have to offer using a blog and a Pinterest strategy – in stead of bombarding everybody on Facebook or other social media. She is now one of the go-to experts when it comes to how to use Pinterest for business purposes.

As an athlete, Rachel was on the Junior Olympics team that ended up taking the title. She continued to play as on a college scholarship until she had a career-ending injury to her rib cage.