Ep.016 Athlete Story Podcast

Sports Documentary AFTER THE GAME – interview with filmmaker April Abeyta about her upcoming movie

Do you love a good sports documentary? AFTER THE GAME is an upcoming sports documentary following a coach and two athletes on a basketball team from the late 1990’s and then catching up today to see how sports has influenced their mindset and who they are today. In this episode you’ll meet the filmmaker herself, April Abeyta. I’d also like to use this opportunity to  send you to the AFTER THE GAME crowdfunding campaign here

After The Game is a basketball documentary where we follow a few real-life female athletes who played basketball on the same team in college back when the WNBA had only just launched.

April Abeyta actually played on that team herself, so she had access to capture not only the game action but also the all the emotions, and the atmosphere and life around the game.

The theme of the movie is very core to the Athlete Story community because it revolves around the AFTER The Game part of sports and how the lessons from sports can be used and repurposed in life after sports. IN the movie, we catch up with the women today in situations where they each discover how their background in sports actually helps them tackle life’s new challenges.

I’m so excited for you to meet a real filmmaker of this upcoming sports documentary ! So let’s welcome April Abeyta for a chat about her movie : AFTER THE GAME

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About sport and confidence :

“Sports, I think helps you overcome that to sort of second guess that lack of confidence that you have initially.”

About asking for a raise :

« It may fail. Like, you may not get what you’re asking for. But that’s okay. I don’t disrespect someone just because they’re asking »

April Abeyta



About our guest

April Abeyta is a filmmaker with a background in sports. After having had a great corporate career working for TV such as FOX Sports and producing movies and video content for corporations, she has dedicated the last couple of years to her passion project AFTER THE GAME.

She is an advocate for women in sports and the message of helping more young girls stay involved in sports.