The Nth Power Game Plan

With the Nth Power Game Plan I help world-class athletes cut out their game plan and leverage their strengths according to where they are in their life and career.

It will give you that structure, clarity and guidance from someone who knows and understands, having lived in that particular world of high level sports performance for 20+ years.

I have developed this framework over the years that I have been working with athletes on an individual basis – and of course through my own personal experience as an Olympic skier. It is based on energy management which is essential to sustainability and to leveraging your sports career.

The key elements we work with to take this game plan to the Nth power are: Nature, Nurture and Nergy

Nth power game plan

Nature is about working with the givens and using what is out there. What is the terrain we are navigating in? We also use the outdoors is a partner for exploration and removal of barriers and limitations.

Nurture is about working with yourself and the people around you. It is about personal skill development, growth, care and connection as well as physical preparation and having your body as an ally and friend – even when you are injured, in pain or just beat up 🙂

Nergy is about managing your resources so you don’t deplete yourself and you can keep the flow. This includes physical and mental energy but also finances and purpose. Where and how do you waste, spend, recover and repurpose your energy?

Setting up your new Game Plan

Learn more about how I help athletes make a comeback from an injury or a setback here.

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