As a fan of athlete stories myself, I am happy to share my own story with 20 years in competitive skiing – involving the victories, the mistakes, the lessons.

I have spent more than 20 years in competitive skiing and that has generated a lot of stories with lessons about performance and accomplishment, failure and mistakes, giving and receiving feedback, set backs, balance…

I shared a specific one of my athlete stories in the book Turning Points, a larger part in my TED-talk and there always seem to be relevant stories for on my camps.

I like to help other athletes tell their stories as well. They are always good stories because there is a lot of passion and emotions involved as well as relevant lessons and inspiration that can have a great impact on other people.

“…I am in Mont Tremblant at the first world cup after the Christmas break.I had just won my
first world cup before Christmas and I had conquered the yellow bib. With one month to go to the 1998 Olympics I am now one of the favorites to win the Olympic gold medal…..Well, that was an expensive mistake of inexperience!…”

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