Repurpose your athletic career in life after sports

Some people have an MBA to lean on.

You, you have your sports career.  

Let's build on what you ALREADY have!

As a 2x Olympian and coach, I started Athlete Story to help former athletes tap into the real value of their athletic identity, experience, and network to attract and create new opportunities, and be excited about life after sports.

- Even without "something to fall back on."

You Have What It Takes

You're going through changes in life after sports, but there's no reason to lose momentum, confidence and time. No reason to go through the same hassle as most former athletes go through when starting a new career in life after sports. Including myself!

You don't have to buy into the same old advice and beliefs from well-meaning people who live in what they call the real world.

You don't have to start from scratch.

You've already had one career. You have experience that you can repurpose in life after sports. And if you want, you have me on the sideline to guide you in this process.

Define Your Next Mission

I'll help you get clear on your next mission, so that you can tap into that grit and relentlessness that made you a high performance athlete. Here's how it works: 

Clarity icon - vision of life after sports


In your sport, you knew what you wanted. What you had to offer. How you needed to show up.  What you needed to focus on to move forward and deliver.

Let's get that clear vision of your next mission

Conditioning icon- Anja keep momentum in life after sports


In your sport, you consistently invested in conditioning to be strong and balanced for what you wanted to do 

Athlete story is your "gym" to stay conditioned for what you want in life after sports.


In your sport, you expressed yourself clearly and gave the best of you. Even when it was risky or scary.

Let's bring that courage on into life after sport.

Do you ever let doubt
beat determination?

If you're subscribed to the Athlete Story Podcast, you've heard many of the guests talk about that skillset and mindset that you've developed as a former elite or world-class athlete. Assets that make you super valuable beyond sport. Mike Baltierra from ESPN even said he'd be hiring a former elite athlete before someone with an MBA  - simply because of the mindset of the elite athlete.

The focus, the clarity, the consistency, the courage, the drive, being timely... I know you had all that in your sport, or you wouldn't have taken it to that level. But I'm sure you don’t always  see this manifesting in your life after sport... why? 

What's the big difference now?

Do you ever wonder
what's missing now?

I'll help you save time and tell you what's missing and why it's keeping you from fully thriving and expressing what you have to offer. It's taken me many years and huge loss of momentum to find out for myself. And I see that happen for former athletes all the time. 

There's no reason for you to have to go through the same hassle and loss of momentum and confidence and time in that phase.

If you recognize yourself in this, what's missing is that clear vision of another bold mission.

Let's talk
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You'll find lots of resources and inspiration here, but I'd love to have a chat with you about your life after sports to see how I else can help you. 

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About Me

I've been an entrepreneur in media, events and coaching & conditioning since I retired from competitive sports (the first time around). For many years I’ve helped other athletes with targeted conditioning and come-backs. 

Now, with Athlete Story, I use my experience to guide athletes in life after sports. I know the traps and surprises of this process intimately from my personal experience and from athletes I have worked with over the years.

There is too much valuable experience, momentum and confidence getting lost in life after sports for most former athletes. My mission is to help you tap into this powerful trilogy again so that you can stand out in life after sports  and thrive instead of throwing it all away trying to fit in.

My podcast is a way to serve former athletes on a larger scale, but I also do personal mentoring and specific services to help you express your value beyond sport.

Anja Bolbjerg - portrait NYC
Anja Bolbjerg
Founder of Athlete Story
2x Olympic Moguls Skier
Former Freeride World Tour Skier

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