Athlete, what's your story?

Athlete, get your story straight!

I know it can be really hard to find out what’s worth sharing from your own story. What could possibly be so interesting about my athlete story, right?

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comeback after injury or setback

Want comeback after injury or setback?

The Nth Power game plan is about helping you best navigate the situation you are in, so that you become unstoppable. Maybe you feel limited after an injury or some other set-back and cannot seem to find your flow again. Maybe you are in a transition, not knowing where to go from here.

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Athlete, what's your story?

Get interviewed on Athlete Story

Athlete Story is your show if you like to tap into lessons from sports and get inspiration through storytelling. You will find interviews with world class athletes from different sports – and at different stages of their career – from aspiring to retired.

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Camps and retreats

Not an athlete – but want to feel like one?

I organize camps with different themes for people who are not necessarily very athletic. The idea with these camps is to go away to focus on a specific subject and come back with new skills and inspiration – exactly like athletes do when they go on training camp. It is your chance to get that same intense experience that a training camp provides for athletes leaving home,


Corporate Wellness Game

I also have a game plan for organizations who wish to create or sustain a healthy work culture, so that they can support and nurture their workforce rather than drain it.

This is done in a playful way, motivating rather than moralizing, through my corporate wellness challenge, Fit Body Boost. Reach out if you want to discuss how we can set up a challenge specifically for your organization.