The Nth Power Game Plan

With the Nth Power Game Plan I help world-class athletes cut out their game plan and leverage their strengths according to where they are in their life and career.

It gives that structure, clarity and valuable guidance from someone who knows and understands them, having lived in that particular world of high level sports performance. I have developed this framework over the years that I have been working with athletes on an individual basis – and of course through my own personal experience as an Olympic skier.

The key elements I use to take this game plan to the Nth power are: Nature, Nurture and Nergy

Nature is about working with the givens and using what is out there. What is the terrain we are navigating in? The outdoors is a partner for exploration and removal of barriers.
Nurture is about working with yourself and the people around you. It is about personal skill development, growth, care and connection as well as physical preparation and having your body as an ally.
Nergy is about managing your resources so you don’t deplete yourself and you can keep the flow. This includes physical and mental energy but also finances and purpose. Where and how do you waste, spend, recover and repurpose?

Come Back Stories

Anja has a passion for helping athletes get back to high level sports after injuries. Through her own skiing career and her academic training she has developed experience as well as a world class team of partners in the fields of sports medicine, nutrition, sports psychologist, ART providers and other therapist – this to help the athlete in a holistic way.

See here what some of the world class athletes have to say about working with Anja

Guilbaut Colas, Moguls Skiing – France, FIS world champion 2011
Olympic Games 2010 and 2014

Søren Hansen, pro golfer and Ryder Cup player – Denmark

After a serious injury threatening my career as a professional golfer, I started working with Anja to optimise my physical preparation and get back to playing again. Already after a few months I felt a lot stronger and very fit. She knew exactly how to motivate me when it got tough. Besides knowing her stuff and being very analytical to find out what I needed, she had a good overview and also knew how to coordinate with other experts to get a holistic plan. I really enjoyed working with her and learnt a lot in the process. The training and knowledge was second to none…      

Damien Desprat, Laser Boat – Monaco, London Olympic Games 2012